We shall recognize Somaliland with conditions

UK: We shall recognize Somaliland with conditions

FILE: Vicky Ford was appointed Minister for Africa at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in Sep 2021.

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The journey towards recognition of Somaliland may be tough, following the latest declaration by the United Kingdom, a key stakeholder at the United Nations Security Council [UNSC], an organ responsible for such processes.

For three decades, Somaliland, which said broke away from Somalia in 1991, has failed its push for its recognition as an independent nation from the world and it was considered as one of Somalia’s regions. 

Vicky Ford, the UK Minister for Africa, however, said London will only recognize Hargeisa should Somalia and other African states initiate the process of Somaliland’s recognition as an independent nation.

The top UK minister on African affairs said this in a response to a request from fellow MP, Danny Kruger that the UK, in line with the rest of the international community does not recognize Somaliland as a sovereign state.

According to her, it’s time for Somaliland and Somalia to decide their future relations. Both Hargeisa and Mogadishu have been at loggerheads over their relations and the process which was engineered by Ethiopia and Djibouti has since flopped.

“Our policy remains that it is for Somaliland and the Federal Government of Somalia to decide their future, and for neighbours in the region to take the lead in recognizing any new arrangements,” Ford said.

Despite the tough conditions, the minister noted that the UK maintains an office in Hargeisa and continues to offer assistance in infrastructure support, including the construction of the Berbera-Ethiopia highway, police training, and counter-terrorism among other areas of support.

Ford noted that Somaliland is a successful and well-governed part of Somalia, ‘with which we can collaborate effectively, unless and until Somalia and Somaliland agree on another arrangement.’


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