Villa Somalia’s profit making Khat for Fish business

Mogadishu, Somalia – Somalia recently signed a deal with Ethiopian government which swaps khat for Fish, a deal immediately welcomed by Somalia’s incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

to the deal signed by Somali Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Abdillahi Bidhan and Ethiopian ambassador, Abdifatah Abdullahi will allow the
horn of Africa nation export fish to its neighbouring landlocked country.

process is just the beginning. Many people may have heard of Kenyan khat why
was it banned? Khat in Kenya has been banned and the Kenyan government has
refused to allow us to export our commodities to their country. “Hands are
good at exchanging things,” said Minister Bidhan.

first consignment of 5,000 tons of fish from Somalia was dispatched to

The move was immediately welcomed by Farmaajo as the entrepreneurs
from Somalia are Farmaajo’s brother Hassan and Ali Yare Ali, who is currently
the deputy mayor of Mogadishu.

Somali khat traders accused President Farmaajo for
monopolizing the trade in khat for the benefit of his family. The President has
ensured that his brother, Hassan, and the deputy Mayor of Mogadisho Ali Yare
Ali be the only ones issued with exclusive license to import the product,
leading the  Ethiopian khat known as
Hareeri to pour to the markets of Mogadishu for the first time, after Somali
government imposed the ban on the Kenyan khat.

The same individuals were again given license to
export fish from the country.

Somalia – China Fish deals
never welcomed

Many analysts think that the business is a family
business, as to why the president hurriedly welcomed the Khat for Fish swaps
and he did never welcome after Somalia granted fishing licenses to 31 Chinese
vessels to exploit tuna and tuna-like species off the coast of Somalia.

The suspicion grew stronger when Former Minister for
Transport & civil Aviation Mohamed Abdullahi Omaar resigned over
disagreement with president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo over  the licenses of the khat importation from
Ethiopia by Hassan Farmaajo and Ali Yare Ali, deputy mayor of Mogadishu while
the profit goes to Villa Somalia.


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