Using the latest weapons, the Ukrainian forces stopped their Russian attack on Kyiv

The France 24 team, combined with the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army on the front line north of Kyiv, encountered motivated soldiers and reservists equipped with the latest weapons, including anti-tank missiles, to stop the Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital.

On the front line north of Kyiv, Ukrainian forces built bunkers and dug trenches while defending a critical position in Russia’s attack on the capital.

While the location cannot be disclosed for security purposes, a member of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army explains that the area is strategically vital. “We are only 15 kilometers from the outskirts of Kyiv, and Boryspil airport is nearby,” the soldier said, referring to the main international airport in Kyiv. He notes that if the Russians took it, “they could use it to deploy reinforcements and supplies in order to capture Kyiv.”

To keep the line, these fighters can count on the latest weapons, including the latest equipment such as anti-tank missiles supplied by Ukraine’s western allies.

The line is defended by professional forces as well as reservists, including 59-year-old Ilish, a former Soviet soldier. “I joined the army. I have military skills because of the training I received as a conscript in Soviet times. When Crimea and Donbass were attacked, I felt compelled to fight. I am still strong, I do not feel my age,” he said.

Unloading a shipment of weapons, a young soldier makes a challenge to the enemy that threatens his country. “This is our gift to the Russians,” said the young soldier, who asked not to be named. “We can’t wait to welcome them with those. Come visit us,” he sneered.

Western intelligence officials say Russian President Vladimir Putin was hoping for a quick victory when the attack on Ukraine began on February 24. But as the war enters its fourth week, his forces falter, unable to capture the capital, which is being defended against all. The conflict with the Ukrainian forces.

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