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In Kenya Maasai girls take part in an alternative initiation to end FGM. And we meet Somaliland’s first female coast guard, a young Ghanaian boxer and singer Mo’W Kanzie in Bujumbura.


Debunked: Virginity Tests

Virginity testing remains an all-too common practice in communities across the continent. We explain why virginity testing does far more harm than good, and show how virginity itself is a social construct.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | maiden's club in South Africa

South Africa’s controversial culture of virginity testing

Every year, thousands of young women in South Africa are subjected to virginity testing. Although the practice has been widely acknowledged as a violation of the dignity of young women and girls, some say it is an important part of their culture.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | Karen Lucas

Virginity tests: Why do we want to control a woman’s body?

Across Africa, many girls have been harmed and shamed for losing their virginity. But should a woman’s value be tied to her hymen? In this no holds barred piece, our love, sex and relationship expert, KAZ, tears into this outdated concept.

Kenya Frauen FGM

Initiation without FGM for Kenya’s Maasai girls

For generations, Maasai girls in Kenya’s Kajiado county were forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) to be considered women. Today, however the harmful practice is outlawed, and some communities are allowing girls to participate in a so-called Alternative Right of Passage.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | Somaliland female coast guard captain

Captain Zuhuur: The woman guarding Somaliland

Captain Zuhuur Fathi Muktar is the first woman to join the Somaliland Coast Guard. In just a few years, she’s risen through the ranks, keeping the waters safe while defying her detractors and forging a path for other young women like her.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | Girlz off mute

Girlz Off Mute: Ghana’s 11-year-old boxing queen

Ready to meet the world’s next boxing queen? Najat Lokko hails from Bukom, the birthplace of many of Ghana’s best boxers. It’s not common to see girls training in the ring here, but Najat is determined to smash stereotypes and do her country proud.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent | Mo'w Kanzie

My City: Bujumbur

Located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Burundi’s largest city is warm and welcoming with plenty of spots to kick back and relax. Local singer Monna Walda Kaneza – AKA Mo’W Kanzie – shows us the highlights of her hometown.


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