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GOOBJOOG NEWS|BAIDOA: The South West State Election Implementation Team has announced the final seats in the House of the People to be elected in the coming days in Baidoa.

The team released a list of seven seats, including the seat of the South West Head of State.

Below are the 7 seats and their current occupants:

1. HOP181: Mary Maalim Isaaq.

2. HOP204: Ali Adan.

3. HOP197: Abdifatah Mohamed Ibrahim Gesey (former Minister of Public Works and Housing).

4. HOP179: Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed (Garweyne).

5. HOP172: Ali Addow Mohamud, formerly held by South West President Lafta-gareen.

6. HOP164: Mohamed Isaaq Fanax.

7. HOP047: Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade (Minister of Women Affairs).

The election in the South West State will mark the completion of the election of the two Houses of Parliament joining Somaliland which has already completed the process.

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