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GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA/DHUSAMAREB: The State Election Implementation Teams of the South West and Galmudug administrations are today set to hold elections for the final seats in Baidoa and Galkayo respectively.

The Electoral Teams cleared 10 candidates yesterday to run for the various seats in the two constituencies. Seven candidates were registered in Baidoa while three others were registered in Galkayo.

Below are the seats up for grabs in Baidoa town today:


1. Abshir Mohamed Nur Mandela, (a Baidoa journalist).

2. Mohamed Abukar Abdi, Minister of Interior.


1. General Mahad Abdirahman Aden (Corrections Force chief)

2. Mohamed Aden Mohamed


1. Maryan Maalim Isaaq

2. Asli Mohamed Isaaq.


1. Hawa Sokor Ali 


1. Issack Ali Subag, South West Security Minister

2. Nur Issack Sheikh


1. Omar Ali Isaq Balash, Bay Governor  

2. Mohamed Ahmed Abdurahman


1. Nur Hussein Ali 

2. Mohamed Kerow Mohamed

Meanwhile, the Galmudug administration is expected to hold elections for three remaining seats namely:


1. Sahro Olad Abdi 

2. Nimo Abdi Mohamud


1. Hussein Ahmed Ulusow 

2. Yasmin Yasin Hassan

3. HOP020: previously held by Ali Ahmed Sharif Osman, with two registered candidates vying for the seat.

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