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GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA: The South West State Elections Team has today concluded elections for six seats in the House of the People in Baidoa.

The first seat, HOP253, was contested by Aden Mohamed Ali and Abdulkadir Ibrahim Bule. Aden Mohamed received 70 votes emerging as the winner while his rival, Abdulkadir Ibrahim received 21 votes.

Abdullahi Mohamed Ali won the second seat, HOP178 after receiving 70 votes, while his rival Bile Hassan Abdi, received 25 votes. 

The third seat, HOP050 was contested by Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed (Mashruuc) and Mohamed Ibrahim. Ahmed Sheikh emerged as winner after he pplreceived 80 votes, while his rival Mohamed Ibrahim Adan received 14 votes.

The fourth seat, HOP230, was contsted by Jama Taqal Abbas and Abdi Ali Omar. Jama Taqal emerged as winner after receiving 77 votes, while his rival received 23 votes.

Muqtar Mohamed Guled won the fifth seat, HOP183 in the House of the People with 83 votes, while his rival Hussein Ali Aden received 16 votes and lost 1 vote.

The last and sixth seat, HOP275 contested by Ismail Idow Mohamed and Abdisitaar Hassan Ali was won by Ismail Idow after he was voted in by 71 delegates, while his rival, Abdisitaar Hassan received 16 votes.

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