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GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA: South West administration has today wrapped up Parliamentary elections after holding polls for 7 final seats in the state’s capital city, Baidoa.

The first seat, HOP047 previously held by Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade was won by Hawa Sokor Al, after she received 79 votes while her rival contender, Fadumo Mohamed Isaq got 18 votes.

The second seat of HOP164 previously held by Mohamed Isaq Osman (Fanax) was won today by the Minister of Interior of South West, Mohamed Abukar Abdi.

The third seat, HOP 172, previously held by Ali Addow Mohamud, was won by Somalia’s Chief of Correctional Forces Mahad Abdirahman Aden. 

The fourth seat of HOP204, previously held by Maalim Ali Adan was today won by the state Minister of Security Isaag Ali Subag, trouncing Somalia’s Minister of Defense, Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur.

The Governor of Bay region Omar Ali Isaq Balash, emerged winner of HOP 197 seat previously held by former Minister of Public Works and Housing Hassan Ali Kheyre.

Maryan Maalim Isaag defended her sixth seat of HOP181 after she trounced her rival, Asli Mohamed Issack.  

The seventh and last seat, HOP179 previously held by Mohamed Ahmed Garweyne was today won by Mohamed Kerow Mohamed.


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