South West announces election schedule for 7 final seats – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA: The South West State Election Implementation Team has announced the election schedule of 7 seats set to be held in Baidoa in the coming days.

A statement by the team announced that registration, training of delegates and candidates will take place from March 13-14, while elections for the seven seats will be held on Tuesday, 15th of this month.  

Among the hotly contested seats in the South West administration is HOP172, previously held by President Lafta-gareen, and is said to be eyeing the seat.

1. HOP#181

2. HOP#204

3. HOP#197

4. HOP#179

5. HOP#164

6. HOP#172

7. HOP#047

Election of the seven seats will mark the end of the electoral process in South West, making it the second administration after Somaliland to conclude elections before the March 15 deadline lapses.


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