Somaliland senate unanimously extends Bihi’s term by two more years – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS|HARGEISA:  The Somaliland Senate has today extended the term of office for President Muse Bihi’s term by two more years.

This followed a unanimous vote by the Somaliland senate this morning to extend the general elections, which had been slated for November 13. The House also extended its term for another five years.

 The declaration therefore means that Bihi, who was sworn in as the Somaliland Head of State in 2017, will serve a seven-year stint in his first term of office, contrary to the constitution, which allows for a first five-year term with the option of a second term.

 The latest development comes a week after the Somaliland Electoral Commission said that it was not in any position to carry on with the elections as it was pressed for time and needed an extra 9 months.

 The Somaliland opposition has for a long period of time strongly opposed Bihi’s quest for a term extension and has held demonstrations over the same, demonstrations which the government heavily cracked down upon.

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