Somalia’s positive vote at the UN fulfilled a collective role and moral obligation – Goobjoog News English

Somalia’s vote in favour of the motion condemning the Russian invasion in Ukraine not only affirmed a collective responsibility for world peace and territorial integrity of nations but also fulfilled a moral obligation.

By joining hands with 140 other countries in detesting Russia’s aggressive behaviour, Somalia did the right thing and pronounced itself on such a consequential event. The UN Security Council last convened an emergency session of the General Assembly in 1982 when the then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan,

Somalia too had an obligation to stand with the US and Europe-two of the foremost opponents of the war. These two partners have played a significant role in Somalia’s recovery process pumping in millions of dollars annually for security, budget support and humanitarian aid.

Those who argue that this is a European war forget that Somalia, too, has vastly benefited from a shared destiny of humanity that has seen nations far and wide extend a helping hand during the most trying moments of this country’s history.

Furthermore, none is immune from such atrocities. It is Ukraine today but it may be Somalia or any other nation tomorrow. The quest for a peaceful world and respect for each other’s space is a collective and eternal duty for humanity.



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