Somalia: UK Will Not Recognize Somaliland Unless Somalia Agrees Somaliland’s Statehood

The UK government has said that it will not recognize Somaliland as an independent state unless Somaliland, Somalia and other African member states deliberate on Somaliland’s state of limbo.

Minister Vicky Ford, responding to a letter from MP Danny Kruger dated September 17, asking for Somaliland’s recognition, said the UK was in agreement with the international community that Somaliland and Somalia should be left to decide their own future.

” Our policy remains clear that it is for Somaliland and Federal Government of Somalia to discuss their future relations, and for neighbours in the region to take a crucial role in recognizing any new settlement between the two sides.” said ford.

“As you know, the UK is equal to the international community in not recognizing Somaliland as an independent state. Our policy is for Somaliland and Somalia to decide their own future, and for neighbouring countries to take the lead. We will continue to support them. talks between Somaliland and Somalia, ” she added.

Ford said that instead Britain would maintain its diplomatic relations with Somaliland, and support it.

“However, the UK maintains its diplomatic presence in Hargeisa, and UK support is crucial, including support for infrastructure, the Horn of Africa’s main trade route between Berbera and Ethiopia, and support for the fight against terrorism. , police and naval training and justice, “said Minister Vicky.

She said the UK was proud of its historic relationship with Somaliland, and that Somaliland was a successful and well-managed region part of Somalia.

“The UK enjoys a warm and historic relationship with Somaliland and is committed to supporting shared prosperity and security with the people of the Somali region. The UK is very interested in Somaliland being a successful and, a well-managed part of Somalia, “said Minister Vicky.

She concluded by saying that they will continue to work with Somaliland until Somaliland and Somalia reach an agreement on their future.

Somalia considers Somaliland as part of its territory. Several rounds of talks over possible unification have failed to reach a breakthrough and the region continues to assert its right to independence.

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