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GOOBJOOG NEWS | BELGRADE: Somalia and Serbia have signed a new agreement that will see the two countries partner in several development projects.

The agreement was signed during a meeting between the Federal Republic of Somalia Ambassador to Serbia Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed and the Mayor of Belgrade Aleksandar Šapić.

In the new pact, the two countries will collaborate in the expansion of their respective capitals Mogadishu and Belgrade where engineers from the two countries will conduct a study on the drainage systems in Mogadishu and develop a plan to improve transportation and traffic management.

“The cities of Belgrade and Mogadishu have had a long history of working closely together and we want to make sure that this tradition continues for the benefit of the residents of these two cities,” Mayor Šapić said.

Ambassador Ahmed said that he had a special message from the Mayor of Mogadishu Sheikh Yusuf Hussein Jimaale calling for restoration of the historical ties between the two cities.

He added that since the reopening of the Somali Embassy in Belgrade, relationships between the two countries have gotten better pegged on cooperation in various development projects.

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