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GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: Somalia’s full control of its airspace took effect on 26 January following its reclassification from Class G to A. According to IATA, the reclassification follows the installation of Air Traffic Control systems and other air traffic management infrastructure.

IATA said the reclassification ‘will enhance situational awareness along an increasingly busy air corridor and its intersections with routes linking many of the world’s regions.’

Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) Director General Ahmed Moallin Hassan told the media that his organisation will now be able to instruct pilots thanks to the installation of the ATC as opposed to the past when it only provided advisory services.

He added that the new status means the Somali airspace will now attract more flights up from 400 to about 600 a day thus increasing revenue from $22 million to $34 million annually.

IATA’s Regional Vice President for the Middle East and Africa, Kamil Al-Awadhi said the airspace upgrade will boost safety in the region.

“The reclassification of the Mogadishu FIR as ‘Class A’ airspace will significantly improve safety in the region and enhance efficiency. This is thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Somalia Airspace Special Coordination Team, comprising the Somali CAA, IATA, the International Civil Aviation Organization, adjacent FIRs and airlines.”

Somalia regained control of its airspace in 2018 ending a three decades UN oversight from Nairobi. However, it remained under Class G which meant that the airspace was uncontrolled.



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