Somalia: Protest reported in Ceerigaabo, Somaliland, Aug.24

24 Aug 2022 | 08:25 AM UTC

Protest reported in Ceerigaabo, Somaliland, Aug.24. Additional protests, and violence possible.





A protest is ongoing in Ceerigaabo, Somaliland, Aug. 24 to demand the next Somaliland presidential election be held on Nov. 13 despite President Muse Bihi Abdi’s insistence that votes for political parties must take place first. Protesters have reportedly blocked roads with burning tires and stones. Security forces have been deployed to the area.

Further protests are possible across Somaliland in the coming weeks. A heightened security presence will almost certainly persist throughout Somaliland. Police will likely resort to using force to disperse protesters. Localized traffic and commercial disruptions are likely near all protest sites.


Avoid any protests and do not attempt to navigate roadblocks due to possible violence. If clashes break out, leave the area immediately. Allow additional time to reach destinations near rally sites. Monitor trusted local media for updates on protest activity as organizers may not provide details in advance. Heed all security and traffic advisories.

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