Somalia: Brawl Breaks Out in Somaliland Parliament

Lawmakers in the breakaway region of Somaliland on Monday brawled over the registration of more political parties. The MPs exchanged blows and kicks, with some exchanging terse words as cameras rolled.

The fracas was caught on camera. Footage showed legislators exchanging blows inside the parliament and gunshots firing in the air.

It is said the opposition UCID and Waddani opposed the amendment tabled by information minister Saleban Ali Koore on Sunday allowing the registration of new political parties.

Koore told the House that President Muse Bihi has ‘honoured the wish of the people to enable the registration of new political parties.

“Having the president respected the law of the land, honouring the will and wish of the people, and by exercising the constitutional powers enshrined in the constitution, the president has formally announced that the registration of political organizations is open,” Koore said.

The term of Somaliland president will lapse in November 2021.

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