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GOOBJOOG NEWS/MOGADISHU: Somalia has condemned the relations between the break-away region of Somaliland and Taiwan noting the move violated the sovereignty of the Horn of the African nation. 

Somali ambassador to China  Awale  Kulane also condemned the move by Taiwan to open a representative office in Somaliland, saying that the Somali government was firm in its resolve to uphold its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including the northern region of Somaliland.

The Somali Ambassador to China added that any agreement entered by Somaliland and Taiwan regarding exploitation of resources for the economic good of the two regions is null and void, warning that his country will not allow Taiwan or any other country  to plunder Somalia’s resources, using fake agreements.

Finally, Ambassador Awale called on Taiwan to refrain from interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs,  warning that the communications between the two were undermining peace and stability in Africa. 

China, just like Somalia, was also rubbed the wrong way when Taiwan and Somaliland further enhanced their relations in February, forcing China  to send a warning to Taiwan that it was “fanning the flames to undermine the independence and unification of other countries, harming others without benefiting themselves.”


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