SNA avert “imminent attack” on Somali soil – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/KISMAYO: An “imminent” terror attack on Somali soil has been averted after Somali National Army Forces particularly Danab troops, nabbed a vehicle loaded with explosives on Wednesday night.

Danab soldiers shot dead the driver of the vehicle who was suspected of being a suicide bomber near Berhano village in Kismayo city, Jubaland State.

SNA soldiers who were on high alert for a possible attack from the insurgents who have scaled up attacks during the election period, were able to avert a crisis similar to several others launched by the Al-Shabaab terror group.

The Al-Shabaab group, which is linked to Al-Qaeda, has been fighting to overthrow Somalia’s federal government since 2007 and launches frequent attacks against the security forces as well as government and civilian targets.

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