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GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA: The South West Election Implementation Team is today set to hold elections for six seats in the city of Baidoa.

The six seats have attracted 14 contestants, with four candidates contesting for the HOP 168 seat.

The six seats were previously occupied by the following lawmakers: HOP261 by Abdikadir Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, HOP077 by Isgoowe derow Isaaq, HOP099 by Deeqo Hussein Hassan, HOP167 by Hussein Mohamud Sheikh Hussein (Badni), HOP168 by Hassan Moalim Hussein and HOP186 by Mohamed Hussein Isaq (Afarale).

Below are the seats up for grabs and the 14 contestants:


1. Salah Sharif Sayid Ali, (current Minister of Religion and Endowments of the South West Administration).

2. Ismail Sharif Ali.


1. Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi (Cirow), Commander of the 60th Division of the Somali National Army.

2. Abdinasir Ali Hassan.


1. Ahmed Madobe Nunow Mohamed, son of former MP, Madobe Nunow Mohamed 

2. Abdinasir Ibrahim Adan.


1. Abdisalan Ali Abdi.

2. Abdi Mohamud Mohamed.


1. Lul Ibrahim Omar.

2. Nastexo Ahmed Nur.

3. Abdulkadir Omar Maalim. 

4. Abdulkadir Adan Ali.


1. Abdulkadir Omar Maalim. 

2. Abdulkadir Adan Mohamed.

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