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GOOBJOOG NEWS/KYIV: Reports from Ukraine, say that the Ukrainian delegation has arrived at the Belarusian border to hold talks with a delegation from Moscow over the ongoing war in the Ukrainian country.

The Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidency has said that  a ceasefire and withdrawal of troops from Ukraine would be the key issues of the meeting. But the Ukrainian president has expressed little hope that talks would end the fighting since Russia seemed unflinched even as its economy reeled under sanctions.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is among those on the negotiation table on the Russia-Ukraine peace talks

The talks come amid calls by President Zelensky to the European Union to grant his country immediate membership, as Russia’s assault against the pro-Western country went into its fifth day.

“We ask the European Union for Ukraine’s immediate accession under a new special procedure,” said Zelensky in a video address.

Since the start of the war, the Russian currency has fallen to a historical minimum. Russia’s currency lost as much as a quarter of its value within hours of the war, with the Russian Central Bank more than doubling its key interest rate, and closed the Moscow stock exchange for the day because of the “developing situation”of Russia.


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