Man shot to death by drug dealers in Milton Keynes is subject of Channel 4 documentary

A young man who was fatally shot through the open window of his MK home was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary repeated last night (Monday).

Suhaib Mohammed was 19 when he was murdered in 2016 and the subsequent police investigation was filmed as part of the Catching a Killer series.

The hour-long episode, which is called ‘A Bullet Through The Window’ was repeated last night and can now be streamed on All 4.

Suhaib Mohammed was 19 when he was murdered in Milton Keynes

It describes how police discovered that Suhaib was “just collateral damage” to a drug dealing gang after he moved to the UK from Somalia to start a new life.

Speaking about the case, Detective Chief Inspector Mike Lynch said Mr Mohammed had been “groomed into a life he knew nothing about”.

He said: “This was the tragic case of a 19-year-old brought from Somalia to the UK by his family to make a better life for themselves but, ultimately, he was vulnerable.

“He was was just collateral damage in the world of organised crime and became wrapped up in something he had no control over.”

Mohamed Noor (left) and Albert Prempeh were both jailed for life for murder

Suhaib was in his home at Osprey Close on Eaglestone with two friends in the early hours of the morning in September 2016.

Two men, Mohammed Noor and Albert Premeh, approached the property and Noor lifted a gun up to an open window.

He shot the weapon a number of times and hit Suhaib in the chest.

The young man’s family tried to save his life but his wounds led to his death in hospital later that day.

Thames Valley police officers working on the case

Killers Noor, 33, and Prempeh, 35, were sentenced at Luton Crown Court and jailed for life.

The court heard the two men went to Suhaib’s address as part of a revenge plot involving a man known as ‘Hypes’ who had previously robbed Noor.

Hypes was believed to have been involved in a bookmaker robbery the day before the shooting took place – a robbery of £4,000.

Noor admitted to manslaughter but Prempeh told the court that he had been forced at gunpoint by Noor to go to the house – this accusation was denied.

A jury found them both guilty of murder and they were sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison.

Judge Richard Foster said: “You were both Class A drug dealers who thought you could operate your depraved business outside the reach of the law.”

Catching a Killer is a true crime series that was made by Channel 4 between 2017 and 2020. Each episode takes an in depth look at a crime investigated by Thames Valley Police.

The show has so far covered four killings involving Milton Keynes – the murder of Natalie Hemming, the shooting of Suhaib Mohammed, the beating of Hang Yin Leung, and the suspicious death of Peter Farquhar, over which MK churchwarden Ben Field was jailed for minimum of 36 years.

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