KDF troops repulse Al-Shabaab attack in Husingow, Jubaland – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/KISMAYO: Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) based in Hosingow, Somalia have on Thursday morning gallantly repulsed an attack from Al-Shabaab fighters in Jubaland State. 

According to a Jubaland official, the KDF soldiers responded to the attack, inflicting injuries on the group’s members who had staged an attack on the Kenya AMISOM base in Hosingow area of ​​Badhadhe district in Lower Juba region.

Meanwhile, KDF officials issued a statement Wednesday that KDF troops had dismantled an AI Shabaab cell in Lamu and killed one militant, while several others fled with multiple bullet wounds.

The officials added that one AK47 rifle and three magazines were recovered and that the Kenyan troops were still in hot pursuit of the injured militants.


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