Hirshabelle announces traditional elders for 3 seats – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/JOWHAR: Hirshabelle State Elections Implementation Team has announced the traditional elders and civil society members tasked with the selection of the delegates for three seats of the House of the People in the Federal Parliament. 

Below are the seats up for election set to be held in Beletweyne town in the coming days.

1. HOP#010

2. HOP#030

3. HOP#066

Tension is high in Beletweyne, the capital of Hiran region, after clan troops were spotted protesting against the barring of their clan member from contesting for  HOP010 seat, which is currently occupied by Abdisiaaq Mohamed (Jindi).

The troops, fully armed, said they would never accept the outcome of HOP010, stating that they they will only accept the outcome if the elections are held freely and fairly, and called on President Gudlawe and his deputy to intervene.

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