Hiran Governor suspends polls in Beletweyne even as deadline looms – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/JOWHAR: Hiran Governor Ali Jeyte, has issued an order suspending elections in Beledweyne, citing security reasons.

A statement from the Governor of Hiran region and Chairman of the Hiran Regional Security Committee Ali Jeyte Osman, said that, “taking into account the complaints from clans and the security situation in Beletweyne, the election for the remaining seats have been postponed until normalcy returns.”

The Governor’s statement came after the Hirshabelle Electoral Team announced last night that they will hold elections for the HOP004 seat in the House of the People in Beledweyne.

The HOP004 seat, previously held by Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim Qone for the past 17 years and who recently announced his resignation from the seat, has attracted five candidates, including one woman.

The delay in elections has been attributed to a dispute between the Hirshabelle State President and his Vice President, Yusuf Dabageed over the remaining seats in Beletweyne.

The two, together with MP Nur Idow Beyle and Hirshabelle MP Buli, are currently said to be in a closed door meeting at the Presidential palace in a bid to resolve the electoral crisis in Hirshabelle as the March 15 deadline beckons.




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