Golis Telecom firm on the spot for failing to fulfill its social responsibility

Somalia: Golis Telecom firm on the spot for failing to fulfill its social responsibility

GAROWE, Somalia – Puntland-based largest telecommunication firm – Golis has refused to fulfill its social responsibilities, including repairing or constructing the main roads that lead to its headquarters in all regions, except Bosaso HQs.

The local residents of Garowe have expressed their dissatisfaction with the private telecom company, terming them profit-hungry at the expense of public interest as it generates its revenue from the people.

GO Business has established that the Golis has completely refused to contribute and take a role in the development of the communities it served as other companies such as Amal bank, Dahabshiil bank, and Somtel have built beautiful buildings, helping people in their operation areas.

The business community in Puntland is now complaining about the selfish culture after taking over the market, including electricity, banks, real estate, and all other opportunities that are meant for small traders within Puntland.

“Golis has taken over the Puntland market and entered into every service that other businessmen would make a profit from, and their role in social affairs is not visible when they are compared to its competitive companies operating in Mogadishu and Hargeisa,” says a local small-scale trader.

A trader within the market revealed to GO Business that while other companies with bases in Garowe, the capital city of Puntland, have invested in social projects like modern buildings such as mosques and roads, Golis telco firm has concentrated on maximizing their profits.

Hormuud Telecom, the largest phone provider in the south and central Somalia which is headquartered in Mogadishu has a major stake in Golis company based in Puntland.

Hormuud Telecom as one of the biggest stakeholders of Golis firm does not implement any community service in Puntland and other regions outside Mogadishu, according to insiders, who spoke to GO Business.

The Golis telecommunication company was established in 2002 and has become the largest telecommunication operator in Puntland but people are wondering why Golis does not appear in the public interest services of the Puntland community.


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