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GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA: Former South West State President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden has been barred from traveling to Baidoa, the capital of South West State. 

Sharif Hassan was reportedly barred from boarding a plane at the Adde Aden airport, while on his way to Baidoa where he will be running for a parliamentary seat.

Reports are rife that the former president has been locked from contesting for his seat since the seat has been reserved for another person. 

Sharif Hassan becomes the second casualty after Somalia’s 10th Parliament First Deputy Speaker, Abdi Wali Mudey, who was also barred from leaving Mogadishu to run for his clan seat, only for Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed to take his HOP145 seat.

The recent move by the Lafta-gareen administration comes amid strict orders issued by the administration to candidates that they will not be allowed to step into election centres if they are found carrying troops or weapons, even though it’s still unclear why Hassan was barred from traveling to Baidoa. 

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