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GOOBJOOG NEWS|ADDIS ABABA: Fighting resumes in southern Tigray after the Ethiopian government launches a major offensive in a region under a deadly siege and millions are starving to death.

Tigrai Television, a media outlet controlled by the Tigray state, announced this morning that after five months of ceasefire, Ethiopian troops and allied militia have just attacked Tigrayan positions on the southern front, an invasion which could trigger a resumption of large-scale fighting.

In a statement issued early today, Tigary Army’s Military Command said Ethiopian Army along with Amhara Special Forces and Amhara militias started a large-scale attack around 5.00 am in the direction of Alamata, Southern Tigrai.

The Military Command warned that it will be forced to take all necessary measures to compel the Ethiopian government and cronies to stop their second-round invasion.

The advisor to the President of Tigray, Getachew K. Reda, also confirmed the recent attacks, saying Tigray Forces were “heroically defending the region’s positions.” 

“The Abiy regime has launched an offensive against our positions in the Southern front. After week-long provocation using Amhara special force divisions, Amhara militia from all over the region and beyond as well as Fano from Wollo, the southern and sixth command of the regime has joined the fray by launching a large-scale offensive,” read a Twitter post by Getachew.

The resumption of fighting comes amidst warning by the Ethiopian Army against “unverified, unnecessary information and rumors” on its current affairs.


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