Emmanuel Macron states that France is undergoing an ‘uncivilising process’ of violence.

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that France is undergoing an “uncivilising process”, according to a government source. This comes after the deaths of a nurse and three police officers, as well as multiple attacks on elected officials. “We must be uncompromising on the fundamentals. There is no legitimate violence, whether verbal or towards people,” Macron stated during a cabinet meeting. “We have to work from top to bottom to counteract this uncivilising process,” he added. Macron’s comments were initially reported by Le Parisien and then confirmed by AFP. The Prime Minister also participated in a minute’s silence for the nurse who was killed in Reims on Monday. Macron was scheduled to travel to Roubaix on Thursday to pay his respects to the three policemen who died in a car accident on Sunday. Attacks on elected officials have been on the rise, including one mayor who resigned after his house was set on fire in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins. The arson is believed to have been perpetrated by opponents of an accommodation centre for asylum seekers. Other officials, including MPs, have had their offices vandalised for political reasons amidst fierce protests over Macron’s unpopular pension reform. (AFP)

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