Election of three seats to be held in Beletweyne today – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/JOWHAR: Hirshabelle State Elections Implementation Team is today set to hold elections for three seats of the House of People of the Federal Parliament in Beletweyne town. 

The Federal polls team has on Wednesday awarded certificates of candidacy to candidates contesting for today’s seats.

Below are the seats up for the contest today in Beletweyne.

1. HOP#010 currently occupied by Abdirizak Mohamed Ahmed Jindi. 

2. HOP#030 held by Daahir Amiin Jeesoow.

3. HOP#066 held by Omar Osman.

The election in Beletweyne will take place hours after the Federal Election Implementation Team reapproved the process after it was suspended yesterday following complaints of irregularities.

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