Djibouti cracks down on officials implicated in corrupt deals – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/DJIBOUTI: Djibouti has announced that billions of Djibouti franc was misappropriated in a fraudulent deal between officials at the country’s ministry of budget and traders.

A statement from the Office of the Auditor General said, “the Ministry of Budget has squandered public funds made available to it to cover public expenditure by mobilizing large sums for non-priority items which seem to be mostly fictitious”.

Djibouti Attorney General said two officials from the Ministry of Budget and a former minister, Abdoulkarim Aden Cher, had been arrested, adding that some of the traders implicated in the corrupt deal have also been nabbed. 

The report comes weeks after several top Djiboutian officials were detained on suspicion of planning to oust President Ismail Omar Ghuelleh.


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