Deputy Minister of Information withdraws from pursuit of HOP069 seat – Goobjoog News English

GOOBJOOG NEWS/DHUSAMAREB: Abdirahman Sheikh Yusuf Al-Adala, the Federal government Deputy Minister of Information, has announced his withdrawal from the HOP069 seat in the 11th House of the People of the Federal Parliament.

A statement issued by Abdirahman Al-Adala further congratulated his former fellow contestant, Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odowa, who is currently seeking to defend the HOP069 seat after serving in the seat for the past few years.

The Deputy Minister of Information expressed his gratitude to all those who walked with him during his two-year campaign journey for the House of Representatives seat, including his supporters from various media outlets.

The election of HOP069 seat for the House of the People is set to take place in Galkayo on Sunday, with Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odowa, who has been in the seat for the past few years expected to clinch the seat.

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