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GOOBJOOG NEWS|HARGEISA: Somaliland has lashed out at China’s delivery of military ware to Somalia noting the move was an act of ‘provocation’ as both China and the U.S ramp up engagements in the Horn of Africa.

“China’s supply of military hardware to Somalia in a time when Somaliland President Muse Bihi is visiting the USA is not a coincidence but a provocation to disrupt Somaliland’s relations with Taiwan and the emerging partnership with the US,” the director-general at the Somaliland presidency Mohamed Bile said in a tweet.

Bile’s remarks followed the handover of the military equipment to the Somali National Army by Chinese officials in Mogadishu on Friday. The consignment included 20 off-road vehicles, five water wagons, five refuelers and five high mobility field ambulances.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi has been in the US for about a week now where he has met senior Biden administration officials and congressmen. Among the key outcomes of the visit include the proposed Somaliland Partnership Act fronted by a section of US lawmakers which seek to entrench the US engagement with Somaliland.

Somaliland maintains close ties with Taiwan which is also seeking international recognition as an independent state off China. However, Beijing has doubled down on the relations and strongly condemned it just as Mogadishu has.

Chinese ambassador to the Horn of Africa Hue Bing on Friday met with Prime Minister Mohamed Roble and outgoing President Mohamed Farmaajo. He also announced new food aid to bolster relief efforts in Somalia which is currently battling a severe drought.






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