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GOOBJOOG NEWS|HIIRAAN: The militant group Al-Shabaab is using its dollar muscle to influence the removal of Hiiraan regional governor Ali Jeyte who has been the backbone of the nine-months long military offensive in the Middle Shabelle region, a senior government official has claimed.

Presidential envoy for Civilian Protection and Stabilization said in a Twitter post on Friday that he had received credible information that Al-Shabaab was seeking to sway Hir-Shabelle president Ali Gudlawe to remove Jeyte.

“We have reliable information that Al Shabaab is spending millions to have Governor Ali Jeyte replaced. Replacing Governor Jeyte at this time is giving aid and comfort to Shabaab. “President @GudlaweHussein leave Governor Jeyte alone!, the outspoken envoy said.

Jeyte has been at the forefront in the joint operations by the Somali National Army, regional forces and clan militia. It is in his region, Hiiraan where the war against Al-Shabaab, then championed by the Ma’aswisley clan militia started. The Federal Government joined in about August by deploying the Somali National Army.

The removal of Jeyte would therefore deal a major blow to the war as it head further east to Galgadud region. The government is also planning to launch the second phase of the operation which focuses south starting from South West state.

Al-Shabaab is known to command a strong financial muscle and has used it severally for intelligence gathering and fighting operations. A UN report last November revealed that the group was spending up to $1 million in salaries for its fighters.


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