8 protestors killed and over 100 injured after Somaliland police and military shoot peaceful protestors in Somaliland. 

8 protestors were killed on Thursday and over 100 injured after Somaliland police and military shot peaceful protestors in anti-dictatorship protests. 

The protests, led by opposition parties Waddani and ucid was because Muse Bihi the president of Somaliland is refusing to hold the elections, which is supposed to be scheduled for November 13, Thus turning into a dictator. Many Somalilanders even consider Muse Bihi to be worse than Siad Barre the former president of Somalia who was ousted in 1991. 

The opposition requested permission to protest, which the government accepted but with very strict conditions. The opposition agreed and scheduled the protests for Thursday 11th August. 

One of the conditions for the protest was that protestors can only protest in the agreed locations. The protestors were protesting peacefully and blowing their whistles and chanting anti-government and anti-dictatorship slogans. They were following all of the agreed rules of protesting and even stayed in the agreed areas of the protest. But the police tried to stop the protestors from entering other agreed locations of the protest. This is what triggered the violence. Immediately, without warning, the police started shooting at protestors, men, women, children and even the disabled, Killing 8 and wounding dozens of others. It is a miracle that more people never got killed! The police even ran into a hospital where the wounded protestors were being treated and shot at people in the hospital! Some police men were injured but their injuries were very minor. The protestors suffered heavily. 

There are also rumors that the opposition leader Abdirahman Cirro’s bodyguard was also killed, indicating an attempted assassination on the leader of the largest opposition party, Abdirahman Cirro. 

The muse bihi regime also shut down the internet so that no one could report on the protests. However, many people were able to record the tragic events on their phones. 

Despite all of the suffering of the protestors and the 8 dead including a man on a wheelchair,  Muse Bihi the president of Somaliland accused the protestors and opposition leaders for the violence. Many Somalilanders are now calling for the impeachment of muse bihi. 

Lizzie Walker, the head of the British Office in Hargeisa, also urged peace and dialogue.

The U.S. Embassy in Somalia said it “strongly” urged Somaliland’s ruling and opposition leaders to avoid violence in demonstrations and “return quickly to political dialogue.” It warned that a failure to agree on the election threatens Somaliland’s “achievements in democratic governance.”

Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Center) and other members of Waddani party, the largest opposition party in Somaliland.
Paid visit to the injured protesters who were cruelly fired upon with live bullets by the Somaliland police and military.
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